Appetizing No Bake Banoffee Pudding In 3 Easy Steps At Home

banoffee pudding

Trying new desserts and experimenting in kitchen is what always found fun and loving for the food lovers.Why not try the other new tasty ‘Banoffee Pudding’ which is nothing just a classic combination of Banana+ Toffee which is going popular these days.

Banana and toffees are nothing new but are famous since ages and this combination has been used to make many delicious and charming “banoffee” recipes which gives a subtle look and tastes just magically beyond your expectations.

What does “Banoffee” means?

banoffe pie

Banoffee Pudding is actually an English dessert made from the vintage blend of bananas, cream and toffee, either combined on a buttery biscuit base or made from the crumbled biscuits and butter as a batter. It’s also sometimes spelled as ‘banoffi’, which is a linguistic blend of combining the two words “banana” and “toffee”.

This no bake biscuit pudding brings out the exemplary flavour of biscuits, banana, whipped cream and chocolate in one go, which tastes absolutely amazing.

How to Make Banoffee Pudding?



  • 15-20 Biscuits
  • 1 cup caramel sauce
  • 2 bananas
  • 4 cups whole milk
  • 3/4 cup milk+ 6 tbsp custard powder
  • Grated chocolate for topping (optional)

Steps To Banoffee Pudding Making:

Step 1:Custard Layering

banoffee pudding

  1. Take 4 cups of milk in a sauce pan. Let it cook for 2-3 minutes and stir it.
  2. After that take 3/4 cup of milk and 6 tbsp of custard powder and mix them thoroughly until a smooth batter is ready to form.
  3. Now add custard powder milk mixture into the sauce pan in which milk is already boiling.
  4. Also add 1/2 cup of powder sugar in the sauce pan and mix it well.
  5. Cook it until the batter is nicely smooth and thick.
  6. Since it is ready, add it in a bowl and wrap it well and keep it in refrigerator for 30 minutes until it is done.

Step 2: Base Formation of Pudding

banoffee pudding

  1. Take 15-20 biscuits (digestive biscuits or any other but not creamy ones) and arrange them in a bowl in circular layer at the bottom.
  2. Now take caramel sauce (learn ho to make world’s best caramel sauce at home) and start pouring it on the biscuits layers.
  3. After that is done, peel off 2 bananas and start cutting them in small slices.
  4. Add those bananas slices on the top of caramel sauce which is already poured on the biscuits layer.

Step 3: Final Preparation

banoffee pudding

  1. After the base of pudding is ready, add the custard layer on the top of above everything.
  2. Spread it well on the bowl and keep repeating the layers with biscuits, caramel sauce, banana slices and custard layer.
  3. Banoffee Pudding or pie is incomplete without a good amount of whipped cream. So take 1 cup of heavy cream  and blend it thoroughly in a blender until it turns into a smooth whipped cream.
  4. Now add whipped cream on the top of banoffee pudding and spread it as well.
  5. At last, you can add grated chocolate on the top of it to give a final touch.
  6. Once every step is followed completely, put your Banoffee Pudding in refrigerator for about 3-4 hours.
  7. You can even add dry fruits at the top to give it a more crispier taste.

Notes for the Recipe:

banoffee pudding

  1. Try to make this pudding in a large shallow dish or bowl, but you can also use dessert glasses to make individual portions or layers of the pudding and add them at the end.
  2. Generally multigrain biscuits are used but you can use other biscuits as well but make sure they are the cream biscuits.
  3. You can even add cornflour into the custard after it reaches to a boil to make its consistency thick and appropriate.
  4. Also to make the custard extremely smooth and consistent, use a food processor once before adding it in to elevate its taste.


You can make and have it ant time of the day.All the layers just come up fabulously and tastes amazing without a doubt.So you can prepare it for any occasion and enjoy it with your friends and family.


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