Axone: New Netflix Film Based On A Naga Dish & Here’s The Easy Way To Make It

Due to the lockdown, web series have gained more importance and people are actually finding it interesting to spend their time on them. Netflix, is also one of the platform that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, and many more. AXONE is one of the films that is creating buzz among the people and on netflix.

Axone, directed by Nicholas Kharkonogor, is a refreshing  stirring satire comedy film that tells the story Northeastern residents in Delhi who wants to make a traditional pork dish for their best friend’s wedding and encounter various troubles while doing so.

Migration from North Eastern states to the metro cities have always been challenging for those people.  Constant racial discrimination is a living reality for the population.

When out of their native states, the North Eastern Community forms a space for themselves which allows them to survive in that discriminated area. The area where Axone is shot, Humayunpur, is itself  one such space of shared experiences.

Throughout the film, right from the beginning, the two girls named Upasana (Sayani Gupta) and Chanbi (Lin Laishram) walks along the ding lanes with their gazed lowered, the racist and and sexiest comments ‘Malai’ at Chanbi, and also the exeriences of Bedang who faces severe post-traumatic stress, are the examples of troubles encountered in this movie.

Director Kharkongor, with this new concept of film Axone, tries to mix North East Indian and North Indian Community through a unique medium ‘FOOD’ to explore concepts of social space and rights.

The word Axone, also spelled as ‘Akhuni’– is a fermented soya bean of Nagaland, actually known for his amazing flavor and smell. This North Eastern cuisine is more than a tribal favorite, rather it contains a deep essence of the extravagant Naga Culture and tradition.

Cooked Axone Dish at Home

Axone, after its release on Netflix has left the audience spellbound, especially for food lovers when they come across to know that it is actually based on a Naga dish. The nation are hunting now for the recipe and let’s check it out how it made.


How To Prepare?


Axone is prepared by picking and cleaning the soyabeans well in fresh water, and after that boil them until they are soft, but still whole. Drain out the remaining excess water and place soyabeans into a pot or degchi and put either out in the sun or next to warm and ferment it. You can also put the soyabeans in a bamboo stick lined with banana layers.

Steps of Preparing Axone at home:

  1. First, wash the raw soyabeans and soak it for about 20-30 mins.
  2. Then cook it in a pressure cooker and stain it dry. Make it sure it doesn’t get too soft.
  3. Next, drain the water and put the soyabean in a bamboo stick lined with banana layers.
  4. Now, keep it over a fireplace for the fermentation or it can be done under string sunlight.
  5. As soon as the fermentation is completed, then take out the beans, mash them and make cakes out of it.
  6. After that wrap up the cakes by the banana leaves and put them back in the fireplace for another round of fermentation.
  7. Laterwards, this fermented paste can be used to make delicious curries of fish, chicken and pork.
  8. You can also add some ginger and chilli powder to impact a spicy aura to every bit.

Watch out this video to get to know more about how to make this Naga Dish at Home

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