BRAND AVATARS : Human Brands Take A Powerful New Form




Clarity around your brand is just as important.

This year many virtual influencers are moving into the mainstream. The best-known Instagram’s virtual influencer, Lil Miquela, alongside supermodel Bela Hadid star in a cringe inducing campaign for Calvin Klein.

Demand for public interest give rise to BRAND AVATARS

First, a multiplicity of digital channels- TikTok! Amazon! Alexa!-leading to new expectations to fulfill when it comes to the democratized conversation between brands and consumers.

Second, consumers are already becoming accustomed to meaningful relationships with digital entities. Amazon working on a wearable that will understand and respond to emotions of user. Also, Alexa ! work out with me, order me a pizza, shows creativity, intellectuality and even human needs for companionship

The media landscapes continues to fragment. Digital channels multiply!!! Creating one time opportunity…….In 2020, consumers will pay deeper attention to brands who embody themselves via virtual characters and avatars, allowing them to inhabit digital channels in richer, more immersive and human ways.

Applying this trend effectively, then, means thinking across two dimensions.First, the digital lives of the consumers that you want to reach. Second, your brands and its values.

Smart brands rush to help those burned by the pressure of modern life . That’s where an on-demand  culture, in which self appointed gurus sell the #hustle as a lifestyle and corporate icons .

Connection and self expression are fundamental human needs. Consumers will continue to seek to meet those needs online -in 2020, and forever.

Back in the days of top-down, legacy, one -to-many media, we had top-down, legacy, one-to-many brands. We live in a world of democratised, participatory, immersive media. And that means the rise of democratised, participatory, immersive brands.

Most consumers don’t want to connect with a fast-food , cosmetics or media brand as they of not getting satisfactory results from their consumption via online . But when the consumers are able to respond to the brands that they meet up in digital channel they live in, and serve them: solve main problems, offers interaction, 3D models and  a dose of fun while accessing them.

With the constant evovelment of digital services, in 2020, consumers will be accustomed to the ultra convenience of ‘everything as a service’ -will increasingly expect and experience the constantly changing needs of the users according to their comforts and desires .

Check out how others are just doing that.

ViuBox Lets Shoppers Try Garments on Personalised 3D Models


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To help the consumers confidently purchase articles of clothing online, SenseMi created a virual dress face as well as their body shape too. The 3D avatars helps to try different clothing of different size and shape,giving buyers a great idea of different garments looks on dubbed ViuBox. It makes possible for the consumers to create a personalised avatar that mirrors their

For those people who are still in doubt to shop have the opportunity to eliminate the need for fitting rooms by access of 360-degree body scan or giving measurements and uploading their selfies to the app.

Internet Inspired Apparel Shops


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The ‘GU Style Studio’ recently opened in Tokyo,Japans’ fashinable Harajuku district, approaches the generation to shop connects online and offline world. It allows the shoppers to try and feel the product in real by fast browsing and purchasing. The GU Style Studio combines both online and offline world giving opportunity to the consumer to see products virtually modeled on avatars via in-store displays. At the store the visitors are able to create their unique avatar by taking their photos or selfies and then using the QR code for the individual items to see the style comes to life on the digital platform for their choices.

Wendy’s story




Wendy’s – the fast food restaurant and its redhead character has become a cultural icon. The brand and character continues to express itself as a sassy friend who will tell you like it is via social media, creating awareness and strategies for the brand. The Wendy’s team keeps its finger on the trendy stuff that resonates with their customers. 

Kurt Kane, Wendy’s US president and commercial chief announced an in-game food fight urging players to pledge to team up either as burger or pizza and the owner saw it as an opportunity and launched “Keeping Fortnite Fresh” campaign, and created a Fornite avatar resembling the braided Wendy to destroy every freezer in the in-game burger establishment, Durr Burger. They invited Fornite players to watch the slaying of freezers (Wendy’s cooks fresh, not frozen beef), leading to a 119 percent increase of mentions of Wendy’s across all its social media platform.

Personalization Marketing


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Need to personalize your marketing triggers the advertising of the products of the company and 80% are more likely to do business with a company if it offers personalized experiences. The desire for personalization -‘give me exactly what I want!’ – has always been been a part of story of consumerism. Meanwhile a decade of on-demand and ‘everything as a service’ has reshaped the meaning of convenience for millions around the world.




Starbucks uses a gamified mobile app that draws on data like purchase history and location to get as personal as possible, allows customers to customize their drinks, and encourages further use with its rewards system earning up a revenue of $2.56 billion.

Visual Search 


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Visual search helps the user to upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results.QR codes, catalogs,google lens have been introduced which helps the user to search out the things with more clarity and ease.

Search engines are now optimised with the new features upadte which helps them to function with the user to find out and get the information according to the needs.

Facial recognition, sensors and smart objects are turning the world into a landscape that shifts and changes the around users. Meanwhile, subscriptions, on-demand and sharing have become a part of daily life for millions : a recent survey of US users found more than Half (54%) of online users pay atleast one subscription box service fulfilling the expectations of the users.




These were some upcoming BRAND AVATARS to become trending in coming time .


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