How to wear Face Mask: 7 Important Things To Keep In Mind To Prevent Covid-19

We all are now moving towards Unlock Phase after huge lockdown of the world because of coronavirus pandemic. People are guided to maintain social-distancing

and take care of their hygiene as well. Face mask are meant to be compulsory if we are going outside the home so that we can save and prevent ourselves from the infection of coronavirus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) in March 2020, recommended the three basic tenets of hygiene in which face masks, social distancing and proper hand wash hygiene is mentioned. Also, a recent study in the Lancet found out that wearing face masks, eye protection and proper physical social distancing can help to reduce transmission of Covid-19.

All the masks are not made the same

In market and also on online platform, you can get a large variety of masks, from Surgical masks to cotton fabrics, and Special N-95 Mask to simple homemade masks.

But according to WHO, face masks should have three layers and also indicated that cotton fabric masks are 100% effective against Covid-19 infection.

Before that, it’s also very important to know that the face mask must fit you properly and perfectly. It should be able to cover up your nose and mouth properly, also the sides of your face and extend to the bottom of your loose chin.Otherwise, a loose mask increases the risk of exposure and the tight one may cause difficulty in breathing.Also you can make mask at home in easy way

So, once your appropriate size mask is done, you need to keep 7 important things in mind to prevent the Covid-19 infection.

Do not touch the surface of your face mask:

how to wear face mask

Whenever you wear a face mask, you keep on touching it whether to adjust it or to breathe properly. But frequent touching of face mask increases the risk of surface transmission of SARS-CoV-2.So touching face mask is not a good habit and you must avoid it.

Wearing the same face mask all day long:

Wearing the same face mask captures the particles and microbes more as they tend to accumulate on the surface for a long time. So try not to wear it all day long the same mask as it increases Covid-19 infection as well as others too.

Exposing off your nose:

The mask is supposed to cover your mouth and nose properly so that no infection can come inside yours. But some people stick out of their nose from the mask which is not a good thing in this pandemic. So, if breathing through a mask is difficult, try to use a cotton fabric mask so you can breathe properly.

Allowing your mouth to come out of your mask:

By doing this, then there is no fun of wearing a face mask as you’re not just touching the surface of the mask but also increases the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection which is not good for you.

Wearing a wet face mask:


In humid and high temperature climate especially in India, people are likely to sweat more during this time and also wetting the face mask, and wearing a wet mask is not at all a good option, as it will not only suffocate you but also be less effective against the Covid -19 infection. So, carefully take off a wet face mask, dispose it off or store in separately, and then put on a fresh one.

Not properly disinfecting the mask:

how to clean face mask


Using a mask which is not disinfected properly is not a good idea. First, wash off your hands and then wash your mask with soap and warm water and then keep it out to dry well in sunlight or use an iron to for 5 minutes. This step is very important to keep in mind.

Not removing the mask properly:

This important step is be kept in mind while wearing the face mask. You must grab the straps behind your ears or head and then gently take it off without touching the surface of the face mask. You also remove the mask and disinfect it immediately and place it in a sealed storage bag until you disinfect it properly.


Keep these points in mind while going outside the home and now you are ready to fight against coronavirus but keep social distancing and your hygiene!

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