MODERNA: Covid-19 first Vaccine Trial shows positive and promising results on Humans

The whole world is trying to find a cure against Covid-19 virus in order to save the human race from this pandemic. However, there were no success so far.

All the researchers, scientist and the whole medical world is involved in the search for the cure of the pandemic and are trying hard to find ways to defeat the COVID-19 virus.

Till now, the biggest problem the doctors and medical workers were facing while treating the corona virus patients is the absence of any specific medicine or vaccine which could target the COVID-19 virus.

But now there seems a ray of hope .

To fight against coronavirus, an m-RNA vaccine under human clinical trial by Massachusetts -based biotech company, which partnered with the National Institute of Health, MODERNA, has shown promising results by generating an immune-system response in the body to fight against coronavirus.

First Covid-19 vaccine was tested on eight healthy people and they have shown positive results by developing an immune-system response against Covid-19.

If future studies goes well, the company’s vaccine could be available to the public as early as December, said the Dr. Tal Zaks, MODERNA’s chief medical officer.

Two phase testing would be conducting before releasing the vaccine in the market and find out how it would be under trial.

Phase 1 of Testing

The Moderna vaccine is one the under development vaccines to protect the world against Covid-19 as the virus has affected more than 4.7 million globally and 3,15,000 deaths around the world.

The response from the blood of eight tested volunteers showed that those who received 100 micrograms and a 25 microgram dose had a levels of protective antibodies.

Consistent with the binding antibody data, an mRNA vaccination elicited neutralising antibodies in all eight participants.
Furthermore, “It shows that not only did the antibody bind the virus, but it prevented the virus from infecting the cells”,said the Dr. Paul Offit, a member of the NIH panel that sets the framework for vaccine studies in the US.

Also, the levels of neutralising antibodies on day 43 were at or above the levels of generally seen in convalescent sera, said the experts.

What Scientists Have to Say

The scientists said that we might be close, but we are not yet there. While the vaccine had promising results in the lab, it’s still not known if it will protect the people across the globe.Also, this was the first human trial. Therefore, it was a safe observed testing.

So far, the Moderna study subjects who were vaccinated even at 25 and 100 micrograms achieve antibody levels similar to or even higher than people who naturally became infected with coronavirus.
But it’s not clear whether the natural infection confers immunity to re-infection, and so similarly it’s not clear whether the vaccination confers immunity!

The US Food and Drug Administration has cleared the company to begin the Phase 2 trials, which typically involve hundred of people, and Moderna plans to start large -scale clinical trials, known as Phase 3 trials, in July that would be involving tens thousands of people.
The researchers also have to study the long term effect of the vaccine and deciding the doses is also an important aspect to consider.

Phase 2 of Testing

After getting the green light, vaccine has to start the second stage of testing. In this the effectiveness and optimal dose of the vaccine elements will be determined in two stages, a 50 microgram dose instead of 250 micrograms dose will be tested.

Three participants developed fever and other flu-like symptoms when they received the vaccine dose at 250 micrograms.
Moderna anticipates the Phase 3 study on dosage will be between 25 and 100 micrograms.

Therefore, reducing the dose needed to provide immunity and can spare the amount of vaccine requirements in each shot . This will ensure the availability of vaccine to everyone.

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